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Pool House Top 10
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Top 10 List

  • #10 - The Disney Pool House is so close to everything including shopping, Disney and all the roads to everywhere.
  •   #9 - Wal-Mart is so close (about 10 minutes) for all your grocery and shopping needs.  Just click on the Home page and go to the link.
  •   #8 - Golf is close and there are hundreds of excellent golf courses, one within about a driver hit away.
  •   #7 - The warm weather.  We're from Chicago, and just love to go to Orlando and enjoy the temperature and the humidity, especially during the winter months.
  •   #6 - Chick-fil-a: Once again, there is a link on the Home page for one of the best chicken sandwiches.  We finally are getting them in Chicago!
  •   #5 - Night swimming, day swimming, sitting in the spa with friends and family and watching the news back home on the free high-speed wireless internet access.
  •   #4 - The Atlantic Ocean - It's only 50 minutes away and has fantastic beaches and boardwalks.
  •   #3 - The Space Shuttle launches - you can see them from the Disney Pool House and are really something to experience.
  •   #2 - The tennis courts, the running paths, the parks and all the amenities that are so close by.
  •   #1 - Enjoying time with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere after a day at the parks.


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